Learn Advance Graphic Designing

Professional Graphic Designing


OVERVIEW Graphic designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform or captivate consumers. Students will develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate reports. The graphic design industry has been evolved with a more presentable design due to which we have updated the program with the latest tools and technologies so that student can create outstanding artworks.

Become a Professional Artist
This program is divided into two parts, the first part deals with fundamental of art, design, digital illustration and computer graphics. We focus on teaching business collaterals such as logos, posters, marketing collaterals, package design etc. by using digital tools. The second module of the program deals with design prototyping, Design for Printing, Advertising, Packaging and Photorealistic 3D Design. At the end of the module, students will also get an opportunity to create an outstanding project.

-Increase design and visualization skills
-Learn complete Graphic Design production pipeline
-Continuous evaluation through examination, competitions and activities
-Placement support


Fundamentals of Drawing, Principle of Design, Understanding Perspective Drawing, Colour, Theory Typography, Illustration, Logo Design, Photography Digital Illustrations – 1 Overview of workspace, Understanding the design tools, Masking and wrapping, Working with text, Effects and Filters Let’s, draw Create layouts, Color the illustrationa, Design - Logo, Design - Magazine cover, Design - Advertisement, Printing techniques Computer Graphics Learn Design tools Colour correction, B & W to Color, Digital paint, Filters, Layer and layer effects Masking - Layer, vector, quick Multilayer compositing, Image manipulation, Text Effects, Designs by multiple filters, Matte paint, Create GIF Animation
Digital Illustrations – 2 Understanding the design tools, Working with effects, Image editing, Convert raster to vector, Product design by mesh and gradient, Logo creation, Page layout, Poster design, Page layout for a newspaper, Creating brochure design, Create advertisements, Packaging designs, Import, Export & publishing, Printing techniques Layout Design Understand page size and creating a new document, Layer and master page, Working with text, Page formatting with image and layout Working with style, Colors & effects, Working with tables, Design - Magazine layout Design - Lookbook Design - Newspaper, Pagination, Understanding printing Design, prototyping & collaboration tool Create the Prototype Project, Create the Prototype Background, Setup the Screen Header, Build the Content Area Background, Add the Content, Creating Content Grid, Creating art-board & More Pages, Build the Linkage Between Pages / Creating Interaction, Sharing the Prototyp Design for Printing, Advertising and Packaging Process of Printing, Design for print, Product reference & evaluation, Google Ads(Digital Banners for a web page), Facebook Ads (Digital banners), Advertising, Product design, Product packaging Photorealistic 3D Design Exploring the interface, Alignment and snap guides, Creating & Importing 3D models, 3D graphics placement, Controlling the camera & Changing views, Setting up Stage Working with materials, Selecting and sampling, Adding a background image, Automated image matching, Multi-layered PSD renders, Working with lights Threshold and Intensity Use image for reflections, Rotate with Camera, Shadow and reflection adjustment, Rendering the final image, Post-Processing the image, Material capture, photorealistic rendering Project (Branding for mock Company and Present it) Design Logo, V-card, Poster, Banner, Cd-case and, Cover Design etc.
Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), The basics of AR functionality, Taking the next steps with ARCore, Bringing ARCore to life