web design and development

Web designing course


OVERVIEW web design and development is a premium program to cater to the current demand of Web Designers and Developers at any commercial or non-commercial organizations. The program teaches strong design and communication skills, coupled with research techniques and a grasp of target audiences, markets and trends and the web development skills can make any student a complete web technology expert

Become a Professional Artist
This program is divided into two major modules such as Design & Development. The first module is to establish any small or large business to promote or market any ideas, products, share thoughts or propagate any information at lightning speed with the whole world. In this module, the student will learn how to design any kind of webpage with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, HTML5 / CSS3, JAVA Script, Bootstrap, Adobe Dreamweaver, Angular JS, Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Premiere. The second module will help the student to work on the backend of any webpage. This is session will deal with a server-side script, content management system, framework, dynamic site and domain hosting. In this module students will learn the web development skill through AJAX, PHP, CMS, Wordpress and Joomla, Adobe Muse.

-Increase design and visualization skills
-Learn complete Web Design & development pipeline
-Continuous evaluation through examination, competitions and activities
-Placement support


Website Design concept, Computer Graphics, Basics of Website, Web Script, Responsive Layout – UI (Bootstrap).
Angular JS Web Animation - 2 (Animate CC), Animate CC for Web, design Video
Adobe XD Server-Side Script Content Management System Dynamic Site - 1 Dynamic Site - 2 Domain / Hosting Adobe Muse.
Augment Reality and Virtual Reality
Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) The basics of AR functionality Taking the next steps with ARCore Bringing ARCore to life Portfolio Preparation

Photoshop, Getting Started & Interface Layout, Palettes & Toolbox, Selection Tools & Alteration Tools, Drawing & Selection Tools, Assisting Tools & Color Boxes and Modes, Basic Image Editing, Cropping, Resizing, Correcting & Saving, Illustrator, Selection Tools, Magic wand & drawing with path Primitives, Drawing with the pen tool & Drawing in illustrator, Type Tools, Appearance & fill, Grouping Objects, Applying Attributes to a Group & Layers , Art Boards, Transforming and Positioning Art, Working with images, Working Efficiently with Symbols, Working with Masks, Printing, Saving, and Exporting, HTML and HTML5, History & Fundamental HTML, Marking up body text, Working With Images & Links, Creating lists & Tables, HTML5 Forms Audio and Video, Embed fonts in a web page, HTML5 Graphics, HTML5 Canvas/SVG, HTML5 Forms, HTML5 Basic APIs, CSS3, Overview of CSS, Background & Color in CSS, Working With text In CSS, Working With Box Model in CSS, Element In CSS, Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elements, Effects In CSS, JavaScript, Introduction to JavaScript, Programming with JavaScript, Structuring Data, Working With Browser Object Model, Working With Document Object Model, Working With Forms, Validation, J Query, Loading and Using J Query, Using J Query Library File, Callback Functions, J Query Selectors, J Query Method, J Query Manipulation, J Query Events, J Query Effects, BOOTSTRAP, Overview of Bootstrap, Classes In bootstrap, Working With Navbars, Working With Model, Bootstrap Cards, Bootstrap Forms, Bootstrap button, Bootstrap grid, Bootstrap Text/Typography, Bootstrap Progress bar, Bootstrap Drop Down, Word Press, Introduction to Blogging, First Steps With WordPress, WordPress Semantics-Learning the Jargon, New To WordPress, Using Images, Wrapping Text, Comments In Word Press, Post Formats Linking to Posts, Pages & Categories, Using Smiles, Links Manager, WordPress Feeds, Customizing Feeds, Using Grava tars in Word Press, Writing Code In Word Press, Password Protection, Core PHP, Introduction of PHP, Installing & Configuring PHP, Get & POST Method In PHP, Session In PHP, Working with Loops, Working with Control Statements, Operation & Expressions, Array with PHP, Using String in PHP, PHP Function, State Management, Form Handling, Form Validation, Advance PHP, File Handling in PHP, Creating Web Features, Object- Oriented Programming, Error & Exception handling, Creating Security Using PHP, Regular expression, Payment gateway integration, Web Services in PHP, PHP & AJAX, PHP Frame Work(Larval & Code Igniter), MY SQL, Introduction to DBMS, Database Integration -MySQL, Shell Commands, Dates, Cookies, Session Management, Exception Handling, Input Sanitization, Angular JS, Getting started with Angular6, Components, Data Binding, Directives, Pipes, Services, Forms, Streams and Reactive Programming, Http Client, Routing, Node JS, Node.js overview, Node.js – basics and setup, Node.js console, Node.js command utilities, Node.js modules, Node.js concepts, Node.js events, Node.js with Express.js, Node.js database access, Orientation of SEO, Introduction to On-page SEO & Off-page SEO, Introduction to Technical SEO, Keyword Theory & Research, Getting Started with On-page SEO, Web Hosting, Website Hosting Basics, Domain Name Registration, Web hosting purchase, Configuring DNS, Website upload and stabilization, Web Analytics overview, Introduction to Google Analytics, Analyzing Google Analytics Reports, Understanding Dashboard, Bounce Rate, Traffic Source, Traffic Behavior, Soft Skills and Personality Development, Communication Skills, Business Etiquette, Resume Writing, Interview Skill, Learner Outcome, PHP Web Developer, Web Designer, WEB Application Developer, UX Designer, Front End- Web Developer, Design and Layout Analyst,