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Advance 2D Animation course in Malad

Welcome to ZICA Animation Malad: 2D Animation courses.

At ZICA Animation Malad, we believe in the power of creativity and artistry. Our mission is to nurture and prepare the next generation of animation professionals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the ever-evolving world of animation. Our programs have been meticulously designed to align with the current needs of the animation industry, providing students with a competitive edge from the very beginning.

2D animation course in Mumbai
graphic design course in Malad, Mumbai.

Welcome to ZICA Animation Malad

Learn from the Professionals

Our 2D Animation program is not just an educational experience; it's a journey of transformation. We draw inspiration from the industry's best professionals and incorporate their insights into our curriculum. The program has been developed with a keen understanding of the contemporary requirements of 2D animators worldwide. Whether you're a budding artist or a creative enthusiast, this program welcomes those with good drawing skills and a passion for animation.

A Comprehensive Journey in 2D Animation

Our 2D Animation program encompasses the entire spectrum of 2D animation filmmaking. From pre-production to production and post-production, you'll explore every facet of the animation process. We firmly believe in the significance of building a strong foundation in art and design. To this end, students commence their journey with manual drawing to grasp the fundamentals of creativity.

As the program unfolds, you'll delve into character design, background painting, character animation, audio and video editing, all empowered by advanced digital tools. This holistic approach ensures that you emerge as a versatile and skilled animator, ready to take on the challenges of the industry.

Become a Professional Artist

Our commitment to nurturing your talents doesn't end with instruction. We have a well-laid-out assessment procedure that serves as a crucible, forging you into a distinguished professional in the world of animation. We firmly believe in your potential, and our placement cell is here to ensure that your journey from education to employment is as smooth as possible. ZICA's placement assistance extends its reach to students across the country, providing valuable guidance and opportunities. Our focus is not just on making you a graduate but a professional artist poised to make a mark in the animation industry.

Cutting-Edge Facilities for Unleashing Creativity

ZICA's training academy in Malad is more than just a learning space; it's a playground for creativity. Equipped with high-end animation tools, 2D animation facilities, 3D software, Visual FX Labs, and Imaging Technologies, our infrastructure is designed to bring your creative visions to life.

2D Animation Program Highlights

Our 2D Animation program offers several highlights to ensure a transformative learning experience:

  1. Increase Design and Visualization Skills

    Your creative abilities will be nurtured and enhanced, allowing you to develop a keen eye for design and visualization.

  2. Learn the Complete 2D Production Pipeline

    We provide comprehensive training that covers every stage of the 2D production pipeline. You'll be well-versed in everything, from concept to the final product.

  3. Continuous Evaluation through Competitions and Activities

    We believe in continuous improvement, and that's why we integrate regular evaluations through competitions and engaging activities into our curriculum. This keeps you on your toes and sharpens your skills in a dynamic learning environment.

  4. 2D Animation Placement Support

    Your education journey with us is not just about learning; it's also about setting the stage for your career. Our placement support team is dedicated to helping you secure the right job opportunities in the animation industry.

2D Animation institute in Malad

Delivery Method

We understand the importance of flexibility in learning. Our weekday batches run five days a week, with each session lasting two hours. This practical approach is seamlessly integrated with theory explanation, ensuring that you gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Our programs are not just creative; they're technically aligned with the needs of the industry.

Master Classes by Industry Professionals

Learning from the best is a cornerstone of our approach. We believe in the value of industry insights, and that's why we provide master classes conducted by industry professionals. These sessions are an opportunity for you to gain real-world knowledge and connect with the experts in the field.

Emerging Student Profile

The world of animation is evolving, and opportunities are growing. There is a substantial demand for 2D animation series on TV and OTT platforms. These productions often involve simple drawings, with a strong focus on storytelling, action, and exaggeration—elements that captivate young audiences. To meet this demand, production studios worldwide are actively hiring 2D artists.

Beyond traditional animation roles, there are numerous avenues for creative expression in the industry. You could work as a pre-production artist, character designer, storyboard artist, layout/background artist, art director, 2D animator, visualizer, and more. The possibilities are as diverse as your creativity allows.

Join Us and Define Your Animation Journey

At ZICA Animation Malad, we are passionate about nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and shaping the future of animation. Whether you're just starting your journey or looking to enhance your skills, we welcome you to join us on this exciting adventure. Unleash your potential in the world of animation and define your own story of success.

Your dreams are the canvas, and we're here to provide the colors. Let's create the masterpiece together.

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ZICA Animation Malad

While our institute is based in Mumbai, India. we welcome students from all over Maharashtra, including areas such as Andheri, Virar, Nalasopara, Vasai, Dahanu, Mira Road, Daman, Vapi, and beyond. Our inclusive approach ensures that aspiring students from various regions can access our top-notch education and placement services. Joining ZICA Animation Institute means joining a community of aspiring creative professionals and gaining access to a network that extends across Maharashtra. Whether you're a local resident or joining us from a neighboring region, we are here to help you achieve your dreams in the animation, design, and production industries.


At ZICA Animation Malad, we not only equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in 2D animation but also open doors to a world of exciting career opportunities. After successfully completing our 2D Animation course, you'll find yourself eligible for various job categories in the animation industry.

1. Pre-production Artist

As a pre-production artist, you play a crucial role in shaping the foundation of an animation project. Your responsibilities may include concept development, scriptwriting, character design, and storyboarding. Your creative input during the pre-production phase sets the stage for the entire animation process.

2. Character Designer

Character designers are the creative minds behind the characters that bring animation projects to life. Your role involves crafting unique and visually compelling characters, each with its own personality and characteristics. Your designs form the heart and soul of the animation, capturing the audience's imagination.

3. Storyboard Artist

Storyboard artists are the storytellers of the animation world. Through illustrations, they create a visual blueprint of the animation, highlighting the sequence of scenes and camera angles. Your work ensures that the narrative flows seamlessly and engages the audience.

4. Layout / Background Artist

As a layout or background artist, you are responsible for creating the settings and environments in which the animation's characters and story unfold. Your attention to detail in crafting backgrounds and settings helps immerse the audience in the animation's world.

5. Art Director

Art directors provide creative leadership and direction for an animation project. Your role involves overseeing the artistic elements, ensuring that the animation maintains a consistent and visually captivating style. You guide the artistic vision and play a pivotal role in the project's success.

6. 2D Animator

2D animators are the heart and soul of the animation process. You bring characters and scenes to life through motion, creating the magic that captivates viewers. Your work involves giving life and personality to characters, making them relatable and memorable.

7. Visualizers

Visualizers are the visionaries who transform concepts and ideas into visual representations. You bridge the gap between creativity and technical execution, turning abstract ideas into concrete, visually stunning animations.

These career opportunities represent just a glimpse of what awaits you after completing the 2D Animation course at ZICA Animation Malad. The animation industry is vast, with a wide range of roles, each offering unique challenges and creative satisfaction. Your journey is not limited to one path; you have the flexibility to explore, specialize, and create your own animation success story.

Join us at ZICA Animation Malad, and let your passion for animation lead you to a world of boundless creative possibilities. Unleash your talent and embark on a fulfilling career in 2D animation.

Visit ZICA Malad or Call on 8828225522

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